Whats the deal with Secret Hotels?


 If you have looked into any sort of break recently then the chances are you have heard whisperings about secret hotels. These are a new concept but they’re fast increasing in popularity because they’re such a genius idea. In fact, it’s such a simple but genius idea that it’s surprising no one thought of it sooner.

As a hotel owner the last thing you want is empty rooms each night. The whole business concept behind a hotel is to have rooms filled and guests bringing in revenue. Every night that you have an empty room is a little bit of revenue lost and that can never be good for business.

In the past hotels have had to just take the hit on this and see it as one of those things. However now they’re clicking onto the fact that a room sold, even at a fraction of the cost of a normal room is better than having it sat there empty – and that is where secret hotels come into play.

Staying at a Secret Hotel

When you browse for a secret hotel (websites like Secret Escapes and Last Minute are great for this) you’re not kept too much in the dark. Hoteliers recognise that it is important for you to book into the right type of room, so they make sure they give you all the vitals before you book. That way you know that the accommodation you’re booking matches what you need. You’ll also get to read about all of the facilities you’ll be able to take advantage of – gyms, spas, beauty treatments, bars etc. Even though you have booked at a cut price you’ll be able to use all of these just like any of the other guests who are paying full price.

Of course when you’re booking a hotel like this you won’t be told the name of the hotel you’re checking in to until after you have booked but that’s half the fun. You know that you’re getting the quality of accommodation you want, with all the things you need without knowing exactly where you are going.

It is often luxury and higher standard rooms that are unsold and empty, so not only do you get to bag a bargain but you get to sleep in a 5 star room without having to break the bank to do it.

To be honest with you, the whole idea behind secret hotels is fantastic and for everyone involved it really is a win-win situation.